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Everett Niles Everett's Body Shop & Towing, Inc.
Everett Niles (1943-2023)
Bryan Niles, Everett Niles, Greg Hosking Everett's Body Shop & Towing, Inc.
Bryan, Everett, and Greg
Bryan Niles, Everett Niles, Jennifer Niles Everett's Body Shop & Towing, Inc.
Bryan, Everett, and Jennifer

Everett Niles – Founder

Everett Niles was born in Mauston, Wisconsin; his family moved to Prairie du Sac when he was a sophomore at Prairie du Sac High School, graduating in 1961. He came across Ardis Hawkins shortly after, by chance. His vehicle broke down, and he had made a collect call home for assistance. Ardis was working as a telephone operator and realized she was talking to an old Mauston school friend. They reconnected and were married in 1962 at the Bible Baptist Church in Mauston, Wisconsin. Everett, Ardis, and their first child, Connie, born in January 1963, lived in Mauston, Wisconsin, for two years. Everett obtained his Auto Body Tech degree at Madison Area Technical College, Madison, Wisconsin, while Everett worked at a Ford dealership in Middleton, Wisconsin. The family lived in Madison for about six months, then moved to Mazomanie, Wisconsin. While living in Mazomanie, the second child, Bryan, was delivered in their hometown, Mauston Hospital, on January 1, 1966, during a blizzard. After two years living in Mazomanie, they moved to Roxbury around 1968 and lived there for ten years. The Niles made their final residential move west of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, in 1978, and Angela was born soon after October 1979. They enjoy living at their current residence for many years. Everett and Ardis had three children: Connie (Niles) Schell, Bryan, Angela (Niles) Weiss, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Everett's Body Shop First Location Sauk City, Wisconsin
Everett’s Body Shop’s first location in Sauk City, WI
Everett's Body Shop & Towing, Inc.
Current location: 847 15th Street, Prairie du Sac, WI

Everett decided to start Everett’s Auto Body business in 1971 at a small rented shop in Sauk City, Wisconsin, on the left of former Leystra’s restaurant. In October 1974, Everett purchased a parcel for his expanding business in the Prairie du Sac Industrial Park, where they are currently located. He had a used building moved from Madison to this location. Later, Everett decided to expand his business with a towing service in 1976; they had many different types of trucks, at one time a large semi-tow truck when John Page was their employee. In September 1979, Everett expanded the existing building with an addition and a paint booth. They currently have a tow truck and a flatbed for light towing services. Ardis had worked alongside Everett as his office manager/bookkeeper until she passed in 2003. Everett married Juanita (Goodsdell) in 2005 until she passed in March 2021. Everett continued working until Fall 2022. He passed on February 5, 2023, at the age of 79.

Everett and Ardis Niles
Everett and Ardis Niles
Bryan Niles Everett's Body Shop & Towing, Inc.
Bryan Niles

Bryan Niles – Owner

Bryan attended Madison Area Technical College
(1984–86) for an Auto Body Tech degree after graduating 1984 from Sauk Prairie High School. He worked with Everett through high school and beyond, although Bryan’s first Mustang pedal car painting experience was when he was a young boy with his father, Everett. Later in his teens, he would attend towing shows with his father and hang out at the shop to work odd jobs until he completed his education and worked full-time with his father, Everett.

In 1994, Everett and Bryan became Everett’s Body Shop & Towing, Inc., where they were each half ownership until 2019; Everett then handed over the keys to Bryan with 100% ownership while Everett continued to work until Fall 2022. Greg Hosking is our Auto Body Technician and has worked for Everett’s Body Shop since 2017.

Bryan’s first pedal car paint job.

Bryan’s wife, Jennifer, took on the Office Manager/Bookkeeper role in 2003 from her mother-in-law, Ardis; Jennifer managed her part-time role along with her full-time role as a web developer/graphic designer over the years. Many may know Jennifer through her JenGraph Designs consultant business since 1997; she has worked with many local businesses and volunteered with several non-profit organizations in the Sauk Prairie area.

Bryan and Jennifer were married in 1988 and have resided west of Prairie du Sac since 1990. They have two sons, Adam and Jacob Niles, who now live in Madison; both work in the technology industries. Bryan and Jennifer enjoy cruising in their Mustangs and attending car shows and autocross races. Bryan owns a Vintage Burgundy 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible, a Raven Black 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback, and a Jalapeno Red 1986 Ford Mustang GT. His car restoration hobby meshed into Everett’s Body Shop & Towing, Inc. Bryan has restored numerous classic cars for his clients. He also offers parts from Mustang Parts Mall.
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Bryan and Jennifer Niles Everett's Body Shop & Towing, Inc.
Bryan and Jennifer Niles

EBS&T, Inc. Team

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Everett Niles