24/7 Towing

Bryan inside Everett's Body Shop & Towing tow truck

Our tow operators are ready to come to your assistance! We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Sauk, Dane, and Columbia counties.

Everett's Body Shop & Towing, Inc. Tow Truck
  • Fast Personalized Service
  • Auto Lockouts
  • Local & Long Distance
  • Haul Abandoned Vehicles
  • Flat Beds & Wheel Lifts

Whether you are planning to hire us for a non-emergency service or if any emergency need arises, you can count on us, who are ready to go the distance!

Bryan Niles Towing Operator at Everett's Body Shop & Towing, Inc.
If you and your vehicle got into an accident…

Please call us at 608-643-8624 to set up an appointment when to retrieve your things. Our policy is to have your tow bill paid in full before we can release your items from your vehicle.

What to do if you had an accident?
1. Contact your auto insurance company to file a claim on your vehicle.
2. Call us or stop in to get an estimate; once approved by your insurance company, we’ll start your auto body repair and collision work as soon as possible.
3. We offer loaner cars for your convenience while your car is repaired.

Storage fees incur 24 hours after the vehicle is placed in our storage facility. The daily storage fee is $25 per day; this is an additional charge to your towing invoice, so please pick up or make an arrangement with us as you can.

If the vehicle is involved in a fatal accident, we will tow this vehicle to the county’s local secured impound facility. Check with your county sheriff’s department where the accident occurred. Please contact the following Sheriff’s Department for further assistance:

For Emergencies, Contact call 911

If you need a tow service, please fill out the following form
and follow up with a call to us at 1-608-643-8624 to confirm the request.

Service Request Form

Please provide a number that we can call back with any questions if needed.
(Optional) if you would like to provide more detailed directions.
Provide an address where you like your vehicle towed to.